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[bioontology-support] Question regarding German MedDRA

Hendrik Damm
Dear BioPortal Support,

my name is Hendrik Damm and I'm working for the Institut for
Epidemiology and Social Medicine in Germany. For one of our Clinical
Studys we are using a Database called REDCap. In this Database we have
the option to use a Link to your BioPortal Services.

We use it in that way, that we are coding Serious Adverese Events with
MedDRA for our Clinical Study. So far we can only use the english
version of MedDRA, because I cant find the german one on your Page
neither I know how to add a new Ontology.

So my question would be, if its possible the make use of the german
MedDRA Version with your services?

Thanks for any help and best regards from Germany!

Hendrik Damm

WWU Münster

Institut für Epidemiologie und Sozialmedizin

Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1, Gebäude D 3

D-48149 Münster


Tel.: +49 (0)251/83-58339

Fax: +49 (0)251/83-55300
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