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[bioontology-support] BioPortal update—Resource Index no longer supported

John Graybeal-2
The BioPortal system will be performing an upgrade shortly to remove the Resource Index tab from the UI; we will also be removing the API service for the Resource Index at a later date. We encourage you to migrate your code off of the Research Index API as soon as possible.

The Resource Index was a valuable and compelling service, but it has proven impossible to keep current as the APIs for web services frequently change. With the addition of indexing against UMLS concepts to the PubMed system, the need for BioPortal's Reseource Index has reduced to the point we could no longer justify it. As the UI for the Resource Index has not been working for a period, and we determined it should be removed.

We appreciate your use of BioPortal and its many other services. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, issues, requests, and offers of support!


John Graybeal
Technical Program Manager
Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval /+/ NCBO BioPortal
Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research
650-736-1632  | ORCID  0000-0001-6875-5360

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